Unity Developer
Unity Developer @ GAMES
  • Sathorn, Bangkok
  • Full time
  • Application Deadline : 2022-03-31


  • We need a Unity developer to work as as a White box tester, you will be reviewing developer?s code with following at following level:-
    • Component level
    • Integration level
    • System level
  • White box testing has to measure code coverage, statement coverage, branch coverage and decision coverage.
  • Verify all combination of logical conditions and ensure its value like true/false.
  • Verify all independent paths within a module is exercised at least once.
  • All loops are optimum and does not doing extra looping and works under specified area.
  • Should be able to find issues in following :-
    • Code syntax error
    • Logical errors in code
    • Dataflow errors
    • Conditional errors


  • Tester must have depth knowledge of programming language, internal code of system/website and logic.
  • Junit , cucumber or any alternate white box testing tool 
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