Professional Services

RingZero has the skills and experience to assist you in bridging the gap between your business needs and today's newest technologies. With the diverse nature of IT and the spiraling cost of hiring quality personnel, more enterprises are outsourcing their requirements to bring down costs and utilize greater expertise.

RingZero's pool of result and quality oriented IT and software professionals encompass a complete scope of skill levels. These range from project managers, to team & technical leaders, to analysts & designers, to developers & programmers. They offer skill profiles covering database management, operating systems, programming languages, and web-enablement tools. They also offer expertise in a comprehensive range of software platforms.

RingZero Professional Services enables organizations to quickly and successfully implement IT solutions, allowing managers to focus on the results of leveraging IT solutions and achieving business objectives.

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Bespoke Software Development

At RingZero we have extensive experience developing e-business solutions for some of Asia's largest and best known organizations and brands. Our solutions can be built from the ground up using technologies such as Microsoft .Net, Java, and Structured Query Language (SQL) Server or built around existing purpose built products like Content Management Servers or Sharepoint Portal Servers.

An e-business solution covers much more than just the development of a website. Web-based e-business solutions can help your business monitor the behavioral trends of your customers and improve your business’ connectivity with both its customers and vendors. Our goal in developing such systems is to improve and streamline business processes and reduce operational costs whilst delivering to our clients a solution that provides them a competitive advantage in their market.

As one of the leading Java development companies in Thailand, we have extensive experience with the development of bespoke, custom software solutions. We are also a Microsoft Partner company. Using the latest Microsoft technologies our development team of over 50 Microsoft programmers have written applications solving numerous business requirements.

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Software Development Lifecycle

At RingZero, we focus on 3 core areas of the Development Lifecycle:

  • Pre-Development (Planning, Analysis)
  • Development (Implementation)
  • Maintenance

Pre-Development is considered, to most, an important core area. We believe up to 50% of the work effort should be in Pre-Development stage consisting of 4 steps:

  • Identifying the Current Problem - Make sure we obtain all the necessary input from stakeholders, customers, salespeople, industry experts, etc.
  • Understanding the current system, and root cause of the problem.
  • Planning - Define the requirements of the new software. This will be used to determine cost and resources required. It will also detail assumptions, exemptions, as well as risks involved. At this stage, a Software Requirement Specification (SRS) is created.
  • Designing - Take the SRS and convert into a Technical Design specification document. This will include the systems architecture, as well as the wireframes to define the flow of the system. This will then be used to review with customer to obtain feedback, suggestions, and to ensure that expectations from both sides are clear.
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