Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy of Ringzero Networks (Thailand) Co., Ltd. and

Ringzero Networks (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (the “Company”) recognizes the importance of rights and private information. You, therefore, accept and agree that all private information giving by you to the Company and is the right and possession of the Company and For the safety of your private information, please read and make understand in the detail of the policy regarding to your private information, as well as strictly comply with the law and regulations and conditions of services and private information policy of Notwithstanding, the Company and shall not be responsible for any loss or damage occurring from refusing to comply with the law and regulations, conditions and such policy. Such law and regulations, conditions and policy may be amended without prior notice.


Details of Privacy Policy of Ringzero Networks (Thailand) Co., Ltd. and are as follow:

  1. For the private information receiving from you at, we will collect and store any information you enter on our website, or provide to us through any other channel. We may also obtain lawfully collected personal or non-personal information about you from affiliated entities, business partners and other independent third parties sources. We may also collect some information about your computer or other devices used when you visit this website.
  2. You undertake that you give consent to the Company and to always collect, use or disclose your private information within both the country and aboard, irrespective of whether such country has law governing private information or not, including to a purpose of professional services, software development or presenting the products of the Company through
  3. You shall be acknowledged and kept by the Company and with a good method and shall not be used to make any damage to the public.
  4. There may have other links posting on by other websites, which may keep your private information. In this case, those websites shall not be governed by this privacy policy of The Company and do not involve with the collection of your private information by other websites.
  5. The Company and may disclose any information that will be an effect of contact, a legal proceeding to the person who breaches the law and regulations and conditions of’ services, or cause impact or damage to from intervention or infringement of the right of information or any property of intentionally or unintentionally. In addition, will disclose information relating to cooperation with a government agency or comply with related law and regulations or other purposes which the Company and consider it necessary or appropriate.
  6. It is understood that any delivery of information through the internet and other media, the safety cannot be entirely guaranteed in any case. Therefore, cannot guarantee the safety of information delivery through the internet or other media either to you or from you. However, we will try to protect and secure our system in every sending of any information.
  7. Please consider and be careful in your private information disclosure when you are online, i.e. in case of message boards or e-mail, since such information may be kept and used by others.
  8. In case of hacking of private information or loss or damage from either any cause which is not the defect of ‘’, or other causes, the Company and ‘’ will not be responsible for such case.